Getting in to your bathrooms is what you always do every day. You don’t only visit it once or twice, you maybe you are being there for several times, although just for washing your hands of check your look before work. So, as the place you often visit, your bathroom should be a comfortable one. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the beauty of it. Through the beautiful bathroom, your activity of cleaning body will be an interesting moment in your day. You also can return your energy and continue your important roles both in family and office.

You don’t to build large bathroom with expensive stools to get a beautiful bathroom. Simple and chic designs can be a great option. Grab the smart ways of simple bathroom. You can start it from the color background of it. White is a smart choice. White which is applied to the wall, ceiling and also floor are able to make your bathroom look clean. It also makes the room more spacious.

Besides, by choosing the right color combination, it will make your bathroom more elegant. Don’t let the wall blank. By adding wall decorations, it will be more stylish. Choose black simple decoration. Mess decoration can make your bathroom crowded. In the corner, a silver bathtub is placed. You may use silver bowl bathtub to make it more modern and unique. Install white wall lamps to light your bathing activity. When you want to brush your teeth, silver bowl sinks in front of the bathtub will help you.

Use hanging concrete countertop to place the bowl sinks. Paint it with purple. It lose the monotonous sense of white. If you want to always keep your togetherness with your lovely one, you can do that through brushing teeth together. So, two silver bowl sinks are the good solution. Add a large mirror with black frame over the sink. You may beautify it with two wall lamps that frank the mirror. It’s smart. One thing to perfect your beautiful bathrooms is by using a right lighting. Make sure that your bathroom is really beautiful with white lighting.

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