Having a house is everyone’s dream. Creating a beautiful and comfortable house is a must for you who have houses. There are many models of houses you can choose to get the most comfortable place to live. One of them is by applying art deco architecture to your house. The shape of the architecture is able to make your dreams come true.

Then, let’s see what the art deco architecture works to your house. First, you need to choose the best color of your house. White is the most grateful color of a house with art deco architecture. The uniqueness of the house is the use of many shapes. Just see, the terrace of your house is built in the form of semi-circle. It’s combined with the square of the main house.

The difference of the high building will make the house full of art. If you don’t want to miss the traditional sense of your house, applying a triangle ceiling with orange roof could be a good option. But, if you want to get the traditional one, let the ceiling in the form of concrete roof. It can be a good idea of yours. The house which is built high will be more terrific with the existence of brown tile stairs. Decorate with front yard of your house by placing stone wall. It brings he nuance of strong house. Alright, now you will show off your ability through the window selection.

Large glass windows are existed there. Even, the use of glass door is able to make your house perfect. When you are sitting in your house, spoil your eyes with the great front yard. The green grass which unites with colorful flowers brings the fresh and wonderful view. Complete it with a fish pond.  Shape the pond with the unique one. You may work with your own idea. Finally, the art deco architecture has made your house to be the amazing one. Enjoy being there.

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