Get your spirit back through your bathroom. Make it interesting as well, so that you can enjoy bathing there. To make it interesting, you can do many things, like designing it as unique as possible, applying the great colors, using the best tools, even excellent bathroom layouts are also needed. Imagine, when your bathroom have been good both in design and tools usage, but you place them in inappropriate place, surely it will be mess and less beautiful.

First, you will choose the right place for laying your bathtub. If you want to have both bathtub and shower, you can place them in different spot. You can put your bathtub in the right door. A bathtub which is throughout the wall is a good choice. Next to it, your sink is placed. Use cabinets under the sink to make your bathroom not too crowded. Don’t forget to install a mirror over the sink.

You can check your look there freely. Complete its performance with wall lamps. Two wall lamps on the both sides are great. They frank the mirror soundly. Then, the excellent bathroom layouts are continued by placing a toilet. Install your toilet across the bathtub. Let it face to your bathtub. Choose the best toilet for your bathroom. Where is your shower? Your bathing under shower can be done in the corner of the room. It’s on the left side of the door.

By placing your shower there, the cleanness of the room is kept. Why? As the wet areas when you use much water, it should be better to separate it with the dry one. By installing it in corner, you will also easy to use glass door or divider. Last, the excellent bathroom layouts won’t give a satisfaction without other elements. Choose the great one. Keep everything there in harmony and enjoy bathing there.

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